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Trust The Process

Updated: Feb 8


Life is all about the journey. It’s a journey of creation through choice, but also a journey of trusting what is and what will come. When we trust the process of life, we put a positive connotation to everything that happens to us and make life work for us, not against us. We don’t argue with life, we don’t fight it, and we never doubt it. Some call it trust in God, others trusting all that is, and some trusting in yourself. They are all the same, from different perspectives.

So, what happens when we start to trust the process?

We become in alignment with our true selves and our path and we see the world opening up to us. Synchronicity, amazing opportunities, inevitable success and abundance. Everything flows naturally towards us, as we allow ourselves to flow down the river stream, with no questions asked and no doubt.

How to trust the process?

First off, put a positive connotation to everything that happens in your life and at the world level. The way in which you define things will create them. They are meaningless, unless you tell them what they are. Use your creative powers for your own sake, and for the greater good.

Then, allow yourself to be guided by the voice of your intuition.

That faint little voice you barely can hear through all that mind rumble and background noise. But it’s there. It always was and always will be. You will find it when you are at peace, when you appreciate and embrace your life as is, when you trust the way your life is unfolding and understand that all that happens is for your own best interest, and that of others.

We all have a unique journey into the world, specially designed to us, by us.

The need to control what happens outside of ourselves creates resistance that leads to pain and suffering. In other words, it is a lack of trust. Life wants to happens for you, trust the process, and embrace the journey.

More About The Author: Latoya Cooper, also known as “The Songstress”, is the founder of MUSIC MEETS THE BOARDROOM, the #1 Platform For Top A-List Indie Artist Entrepreneurs. Latoya is a successful self sustained business woman sought after by music industry channels for her expertise and fresh direct approach. She has spent the past decade in the project management space and holds a Master’s of Business Administration.

Latoya is a born VISIONARY, an accomplished Recording and Touring Artist, Entrepreneuress and has been featured on Essence.com as "The Artist To Watch"!

Latoya uses her extensive know-how to help Indie Artists shift their business model from surviving to thriving, by leading with their Superpower, nurturing their entrepreneurial traits and building a clear plan of action toward achieving their BIGGEST CAREER GOALS!

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