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Talent Is Not Everything!

Updated: Apr 28

Hey SuperStars!

Working your way up the ladder towards your dream is not always easy. Especially if the career path you have chosen is different from most people around you. Let’s take for instance a musical career. Becoming a full-time musician is a lot of people’s dreams, but musical success does not come in a straight line. The hardest part of all is becoming the person everyone wants to work with. In other words, attracting people and opportunities to you instead of chasing after them. This is an art and it all boils down to the power of business and musicianship etiquette.

You see, most people believe that talent is key.

Perhaps you believe this too. You may think that you’re not talented enough music-wise or you need to become better at your skills, or something between these lines. The fact of the matter is, it is not your talent, what you can do, that makes you the person everyone wants to work with, but WHO you are.

Your character, who you are.

Who you are is a construct made up of your beliefs, your inclinations, your level of empathy and your emotional intelligence. These main aspects that create your personality, make you the charismatic person others are naturally attracted to, or an individual who, despite his or her amazing musical talent, has a hard time getting others’ attention.

Talent is not everything.

Actually, talent falls on the second spot. If you look at some of the most famous musicians who made history, they were not the most talented in the world. It was not their music skills that made them famous, it was their passion, their charisma and personalities who won the hearts of the crowds. Their genuine selves.

If you think that you’re simply not talented enough to become an amazing musician with millions of fans, look deeper within. See what lays inside you that actually keeps success from happening and amazing opportunities from coming your way.

You are unique, and so is your talent.

When you understand this with your heart, you will allow for your true self to come out. That amazing person you really are, not the shadow, the persona or the ever-demanding ego. That is the “you” who people want to see, the talented musician the world awaits for. Dare to be your TRUE self and you will automatically become the person everyone wants to work with.

More About The Author: Latoya Cooper, also known as “The Songstress”, is the founder of MUSIC MEETS THE BOARDROOM, the #1 Platform For Top A-List Indie Artist Entrepreneurs. Latoya is a successful self sustained business woman sought after by music industry channels for her expertise and fresh direct approach. She has spent the past decade in the project management space and holds a Master’s of Business Administration.

Latoya is a born VISIONARY, an accomplished Recording and Touring Artist, Entrepreneuress and has been featured on Essence.com as "The Artist To Watch"!

Latoya uses her extensive know-how to help Indie Artists shift their business model from surviving to thriving, by leading with their Superpower, nurturing their entrepreneurial traits and building a clear plan of action toward achieving their BIGGEST CAREER GOALS!

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