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Soar Beautiful Bird

Updated: Jan 31

Hey SuperStars!

Today I celebrate my 39th Birthday and there is so much to be grateful for! As I have grown God has really forced me to find myself and I could not have asked for a better gift. I am enjoying quality time with my family and have a stronger desire to serve others in a greater capacity. I have gained more clarity regarding life and how I would like to show up in it.

Latoya Cooper The Songstress

I always felt a strong passion to live life to the fullest which many of you know, but now I feel more free to pursue the things in life I love and enjoy without asking for permission, thinking twice OR caring what people think! One gift that has emerged over the past 3 years I am totally in love with, is helping others in their success under the Music Meets The Boardroom hat. God used my darkness moments to birth this baby and God reminds me of my darkness moments to keep me motivated towards building it. Helping others understand, value, find meaning and use their God Given Gift to its fullest capacity AND bless others in the process, helps further God's Kingdom. God asked me to sing, not for the sole purpose of singing or entertaining. I always knew there was something greater behind it and he is starting to reveal why. When people comment or ask why do you focus so much on helping creatives. They simply don't understand the mission or the bigger picture and I plan to change this through action. I have learned to accept that everyone does not have the gift of vision, but creatives do and it's important we help others see what's possible. It's important we build and share our gifts. I am excited about the future and how God will use me in full submission. He is opening doors and I can't wait to see a world full of creatives equipped with the support and tools they need to change the entrepreneurial game!

If you ever have moments where you are questioning your greatest, stop and listen to the song Soar (Beautiful Bird)!


The Songstress

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