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Updated: Jan 31

Hey Superstars!

Your vision is the road map, which communicates the ULTIMATE goal for your brand, it sketches the picture of your desired outcome. All your music business decisions should support your vision.

Having a clear vision will help decrease the waste of money and the hiring of the wrong people for your team. Everyone and everything within your music business should align with your vision. Your vision is the anchor to your business, it keeps you connected to home base when the road gets bumpy or unclear!

Music Meets The Boardroom

Having a clear vision is important for you, decision-making team-members and fans.

It helps to give direction and clarity to everyone involved at all levels. Sharing your vision with your team is key to your brand’s success. Everyone on your team should know where you want to go and what you are trying to achieve.

When you share your vision with your team, clients and fans, they should be able to invasion what their world will look like with your product or service. It explains the ultimate effect of your mission.

Successful execution of your ultimate goals requires team members and partners, it’s important to set clear expectations and gain commitment for their support in carrying out your brand strategy. In order to achieve this, you must have a CLEAR VISION.

When you have a clear vision, you can invite your team to take ownership and transfer it from my vision to our vision!

A shared understood vision helps a team make health decisions on your behalf. In order for your brand to grow we need engaged people. A well executed vision is the most powerful way to motivate your team.

All parties of your team should be moving in the same direction, but this can't happen if your vision is not clear.

Take the time to write down your vision, make sure others understand the message, can see themselves as part of the big picture and how they can contribute to the ultimate goal. This is how you build buy in. You want to make sure others can buy into your BIG goal and join the movement!

It may take time to figure out your vision and that is okay. If you do not know your vision, make it a priority to gain clarity in this area, it will shape the health and growth of your music business.

To help you create a clear vision statement, here are 10 useful tips!

  • Be true to yourself: Your vision statement should be personal to you and your business mission. It should be something you are proud of, because it’s personal to you.

  • Keep your vision statement brief and short, no longer than one or two sentences, it makes it easier to remember and repeatable.

  • Make sure it clearly defines your BIG goal, without question!

  • Your statement should focus on where your brand is going rather its current state; it should be future-oriented - a 5 to 10 year vision.

  • It should provide a stable message; if something in your industry, life, business or world changes can your vision survive and offer a long term-perspective.

  • Set a vision with a challenge, make sure it’s not easy to meet and discarded, it should be BIG!!!!

  • It should provoke inspiration, motivation and uplift people when they hear it.

  • Test the clarity of your vision, share it with 10 people, do they all capture the same interpretation? If yes, you have a clear vision. If not, go back to the drawing board.

  • Your vision should align with your music business, mission, values and goals.

  • Ensure it is easy to communicate to others and will fit in any professional environment or conversation.

Share your vision Superstar, let nothing stop you from helping people see what’s possible. Get clear about your vision and share it with the world!


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