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Four Great Podcasts For DIY Recording Artists

There is one mistake that affects the career of so many independent artists: the assumption that they don't need to take care of the business side of their project, because they are talented enough to make it out of luck.

Unfortunately (or fortunately maybe), making music is a real business, with rules and strategies you will have to stick to if you want to succeed.

On top of this, you will need a strong mindset to navigate the hard times and keep that confidence that will get you through any storm. I know, it may feel overwhelming, but we live in a great time! Lots of information is shared daily on the web, becoming accessible to all of us.

Struggling DIY artists, for example, can rely on a goldmine of information, inspiration, and motivation in a niche of podcasts tailored for them. Here are four great podcasts you can start listening to right now to develop the music career of your dreams.

Music Meets The Boardroom Podcast:

Music Meets The Boardroom is an organization founded by recording artist Latoya Cooper to "help ambitious artists find purpose, self-empowerment, and strategy to execute God's vision for their gift".

Latoya has launched a motivational podcast to help artists like you find focus and strength. The episodes are tiny wisdom pills, directed at your motivation and mindset to overcome mental blocks and unlock your true potential as an artist. A must if you are going through a rough patch!

Music On Your Own Terms Podcast:

The title says it all! This podcast, started by guitarist Simon Pellett, is all about strategies, tips, and tricks to make music on your own terms.

The podcast focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset DIY artists should develop, often bringing useful resources to the table.

The format is very compelling, as Simon often interviews fellow musicians to make them share their perspective, experience, and advice.

The Self-Recording Band Podcast:

If you are specifically looking for advice and motivation to start recording your album or EP on your own, this podcast hosted by Benedikt Hain and Malcom Owen-Flood is what you need.

The episodes offer an in-depth look at home-recording strategies, bringing up interesting discussions such as: how to get a great guitar tone in your cheap home studio?

If you are planning on self-recording your songs, this is a great place to start getting the knowledge you'll need, in a straightforward and fun way.

Made It In Music Podcast: Interviews With Artists, Songwriters, And Music Industry Pros

Hosts Seth Mosley and X O'Connor consistently interview luminaries of the music industry to deliver some practical strategies you can start implementing right now.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, if you're looking for a way to make your career shine, or if you decided to get back to music after a long hiatus. This podcast has most of the answers you are seeking! Brought to you by the production company Full Circle Music, it offers great insights on how to make it as a DIY artist in the XXI century.

These are just four options, but you can literally find hundreds of music industry podcasts online. Start building your way to success today, by learning from the greatest people in the industry. It's educational, fun, and free! It's the key to our success superstars!

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