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Four Books to Enhance Your Music Career

Updated: Jan 31

Hey Superstars!

It takes more than talent to become a great recording artist.

Yes, your musical abilities will always be the main ingredient, like flour and water to make bread, but the willingness to keep learning from others and some fairly broad knowledge of the business will surely be the yeast.

With so much information now available online, it can be hard to choose your sources wisely. Quite a lot of self-declared successful artists are selling online courses on how to make it in the music industry, so, if you're a beginner, you can find it hard to understand who to trust.

We have some good news, though. With a tiny investment, you can access many trusted sources of information. Yes, we are talking about some good old-fashioned books!

Here's a list of four books about business and the music industry you should read on your journey to becoming a successful recording artist.

Music Meets The Boardroom

All You Need to Know About the Music Business - Don Passman

Considered the "Industry Bible" for about twenty-five years and now in its tenth revised edition, this read will give you a strong foundation in a huge number of business-related topics, from merch deals to publishing, from record deals to copyrights, not to mention the functioning of the new streaming model and how it affected the way we do business. Simply a must!!!!

The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles

A classic book, written in 1910 but still very relevant. Although not specific to the music industry, this read will give you a new perspective on the mindset you should develop if you want to attract success and abundance. The book is based on what the author calls a "certain way", a positive thinking attitude comparable to the well-known law of attraction.

Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music - Angela Myles Beeching

The director of the New England Conservatory Career Services Center, author Angela Myles Beeching is truly an expert in the field. Her book, now in its second edition, presents real-life experiences along with precious information on how to build your own musical path, promote your work, network, and perform live. On top of that, Beeching offers a framework of solutions about freelancing, day jobs, fundraising, and how to survive a record deal. Extremely useful both for beginners and advanced independent musicians.

Bringing Out the Best in People: How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel - Alan Loy McGinnis

What is the secret beyond the greatest leaders in history? What makes a great organization work? What motivates highly successful people? This book claims to have an answer to these questions. Alan Loy McGinnis reports the twelve principles guiding the best motivators, all moving from one main law: bringing the best out in people is often the key to our own success too. A fascinating read to learn how to navigate the industry and network efficiently.

There could be many more books on this list, but these four will definitely add value as you build your solid business foundation and music career. Read now!


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