How We Impact The World
MUSIC MEETS THE BOARDROOM (MMB) was founded in 2017 after discovering a major void in the music industry. Our services and community is ideal for those entrepreneurial spirits who are driven by their musical ambitions, but not sure how to apply the valuable yet overwhelming information available to them, we help you figure it out!
We are dedicated to changing the lives of artists by preparing them for ladder growth professionally, financially and operationally within their music empire. We believe it starts with a strong business foundation. We educate, teach and empower "Badass" Indie Artist by building strong business and budget savvy practices they can apply throughout their career. Supporting the basic steps needed to launch and sustain a growing music career and business at the foundation level so as you flourish your business can fly. PARTNER WITH US

Our Vision 

A Global Community of Thriving Indie Artist Entrepreneurs Who Find Purpose, Self-empowerment and Strategy to Execute God’s Vision for Their Gift.

Our Mission

Multiply the Number of Confident Business Savvy Indie Artist Entrepreneurs, Through Building A Community of Excellence, Breakthrough Strategy Sessions and Power Conferences.

Daily Values

  • Lead by experience and example.

  • Results focused and solution orientated.

  • Support the personal and professional growth of all clients.

  • “When you learn, teach, when you get, give” ~ Maya Angelou

Grow your knowledge as well as your talent.  You don't have to do it all by yourself. We're here to help.

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