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Music Meets The Boardroom hosts small group strategy sessions for indie artist entrepreneurs 4 times a year. Each year all four sessions are framed around one important concept all indie artists must master for career success. The sessions can be taken separately or as a group.


Each session has limited space, only 12 artists are allowed to attend each exclusive session this is to ensure attendees walk away with a plan and clear direction. The group sessions are led by a subject matter expert who has a passion for the success of artists.  Attendees are also given time to team up and strategy along side fellow artists to leverage each others skills, lessons learned and in site.


You do not have to be a Music Meets The Boardroom "Legacy Member" member to attend a group strategy session. However, those who hold a monthly membership receive a special discount. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MEMBERSHIP.

Register today and join us at our next online group strategy session. International enrollment is welcome. 



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