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Founder of Music Meets The Boardroom, LLC

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Latoya Cooper, also known as “The Songstress”, is the founder of MUSIC MEETS THE BOARDROOM, the #1 Platform For Top A-List Indie Artist Entrepreneurs. Latoya is a successful self sustained business woman sought after by music industry channels for her expertise and fresh direct approach. She has spent the past decade in the project management space and holds a Master’s of Business Administration. She is a born VISIONARY, an accomplished Recording and Touring Artist, Entrepreneuress and has been featured on Essence.com as "The Artist To Watch"! Latoya uses her extensive know-how to help Indie Artists shift their business model from surviving to thriving, by leading with their Superpower, nurturing their entrepreneurial traits and building a clear plan of action toward achieving their BIGGEST GOALS!

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"Latoya Cooper was incredibly approachable and had an undeniable zeal for the subject matter she knows so well. She was a wealth of information when it comes to "working smart" in the music business and motivates you to execute each phase with a realistic approach. Her kind demeanor makes you feel comfortable enough to ask any question no matter how simple it may be. I definitely recommend tapping into her knowledge and expertise before and as you embark on your journey as an ambitious creative."
Seysei Rose, Recording Artist

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An early open conversation in a women's musical journey can make a world of difference in her successes, both personally and professionally.

Simple Methods Smarter Decisions: Safety Resource For Female Recording Artists serves as a guide, an open dialogue of lessons any woman can find valuable when walking the road many artists have taken.

This easy read is for the shining star in YOU. The “eager to experience your full potential”, yet “learning the challenges of an industry”, YOU.

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If you are reading this, it means you take your career seriously and ready to invest in your professional growth as an indie artist entrepreneur. My "SuperPower" Gift of Service, is helping people see a clear path to their true dreams in life, building a plan and inspiring into action. I have helped many people in various industries find their "SuperPower", jumpstart and move with strong intention toward their own success. However, my love and desire is to serve the indie artist entrepreneur community full hearty. Music is more than just about the music, it's about mindset, strategy, plan and understanding the business. I am eager to be a cheerleader in your success!

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Copy of Copy of Copy of GET TO KNOW (3).
Copy of Copy of Copy of GET TO KNOW (3).