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The Music Meets The Boardroom Methodology

Superpower        Plan        Ownership        Action

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Changing The Narraitve

It’s commonplace to take voice or instrument lessons throughout your career as an Indie Artist Entrepreneur. However, not many Indie Artist Entrepreneurs take the time to hone the fundamental business skills, much less the music business itself and later find yourselves behind the eight-ball when it comes to running your desired music career. 


It's not your fault as artists, this important need is simply not nurtured culturally.

Music Meets The Boardroom is eager to change the narrative, to provide a need the music community has been craving for, which is thriving music businesses and strong legacy builders - led by Indie Artist Entrepreneur themselves. 

We are devoted to helping 1,000 Indie Artist Entrepreneurs over the next 5 years - find power in their gift, build clear strategy to optimize talent, protect their investment for generations to come and move unapologetically in their walk.

Each year 200 Indie Artists Entrepreneurs are accepted into the Music Meets The Boardroom's exclusive "Artists Ready For Profitability" membership program.


Also, we host a growing "Indie Artist Power Conference" open to 100 Artists each year.

Let's change the narrative together.


The Music Meets The Boardroom Methodology

The Four Principles That Guide How We Serve!

Superpower        Lead with your natural innate gift. Your unique gift

that is deeper than creating art. It's what makes you standout in a crowded room of artists. Your Superpower helps define and shape a successful musical mission.

Plan        Get clear and honest about how you are spiritually lead to use your Superpower and talent, so you can get clear on how to achieve long-term success and fulfillment with it.

Ownership        Protect your shine and investment! It's all about legacy building and leaving a step up for those who follow in your footsteps.

Action         Move confidently in your Superpower, unapologetically.

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 Join The Movement!

A community of 1,000 Thriving A-list Indie Artist Entrepreneurs who find purpose, self-empowerment and strategy to execute God's plan for their gift.

Our Superpower

We Help A-List Indie Artist Entrepreneurs Find Their Superpower and Build A Powerful Plan For Action.

Daily Values

  • Lead by experience and example.

  • Results focused and solution orientated.

  • Support the professional growth of all Legacy Members.

  • “When you learn, teach, when you get, give” ~ Maya Angelou




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